Electronic service desk

      In order to decrease the in-person referral of the clients, a service desk in the form of an electronic service desk with the design and implementation of the Water and Wastewater Organization of Tehran portal was established. This system is currently available to the subscribers with the following capabilities:

• Provision of transparent notification regarding every service rendered in the electronic service desk including workflow steps, required documentation, rules and regulations, duration of the service, follow-up procedure and the person responsible for rendering the service.

• The possibility of receiving a service request from the client in the form of electronic forms and uploading and submitting the documentation needed for receiving service by the client electronically.

• Provision of a unique tracking code to a service request in order to track the stages of the implementation and processing of the service request and the retrieval of and referral to the information records of the service provided

• The possibility of sending SMS in order to notify the client of the stages of the processing of the service request

• Surveying the clients electronically about the quality of the service rendered by the service desk

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