sewer service line assignment

Service description:
Providing the ability to drain and dispose of sewage to the public sewage collection network in accordance with water consumption, predetermined capacity, agreed specifications in the contract and connecting the sewer service line whether the subscriber utilizes this capacity or not. (Article 4-18 Operating Regulations)
Required documents:
1. An ownership document or any other valid financial document
2. Documentary evidence in order to determine the municipality district (construction permit or end of work inspection license)
3. Documentary evidence in order to determine the number of residential units and the class of business and business license for non-residential properties.
4. Owner’s national identification card
Tariffs, costs and method of payment:
The cost of service line assignment is variable based on the municipality district of the subscriber and the related reservoir, so, please, refer to the documentation system for more information.
Duration of service:
10 days

 Service System:



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