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East Tehran Sewage Transmission Line Is Ready for Operation
The implementation of east Tehran sewage transmission line with 5/9 km length completed and the line is ready for operation.
The Festival of "Convention of Water and Citizen" Held with the Presence of Tehran Citizens
The festival of "convention of water and citizen" held with the presence of Tehran citizens in Velayat Park.
TPWWC Managing Director: Not Only Summer, Fall Is Also Our Concern
TPWWC managing director with emphasis on the reduction of Tehran Dam's water supply said that passing fall without water shortage is our concern too.
Seven Projects in Tehran Wastewater Are Ready for Attracting Private Sector
Tehran wastewater Company is ready for attracting private sector for establishing and promoting the seven treatment plants and the execution of sewage collecting in districts 18 and 21.
Daily 300 Tons Biological Fertilizer Is Produced in South Tehran Wastewater Treatment Plant
In south Tehran wastewater treatment plant 300 tons dewatered sludge is produced that these organic material could be used as biofertilizers in agriculture of south Tehran plains.
Effluent Quality of South Tehran Wastewater Treatment Plant is Fourfold Higher than Standard
Effluent quality of South Tehran Wastewater Treatment Plant is fourfold higher than determined standards of Environmental Protection Organization.
The Manager of TPWWC Public Relations and International Affairs Introduced as Elected Manager by Tehran Governor
The manager of TPWWC Public Relations and International Affairs introduced as elected manager by Tehran Governor General Manager of Public Relations.
Tehran Governor in Water Installations Visit: There Will Be No Problem If Customers to Save
Tehran governor during the visit of Tehran province water and wastewater Company's installations said: With 20 % reduction of water consumption by citizens, we can spend summer without water shortage.
TPWWC Managing Director Announced: Increasing 220 Thousand Cubic Meters Water Consumption in Recent Days
TPWWC managing director said: In recent days due to the warming of the weather water consumption in Tehran increased 220 thousand cubic meters and reached to 2 million and 800 thousand cubic meters.
The Instruction of Network and Sewage Lines Seismic Design to Be Compiled
The instruction of network and sewage lines seismic design would be compiled in Tehran wastewater Company.


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